noho move chair

  1. Open the box, remove the noho move seat cradle, and place it upside-down on the floor.
  2. Locate the four legs and remove the protective wrapping and cardboard.
  3. Attach each leg to the seat cradle by matching its geometric shape location-guide sticker to the corresponding sticker on the seat cradle.
  4. Be sure to slide on each leg until you hear a “click,” indicating the leg is safely attached.
  5. Turn the chair with its attached legs upright, checking that each leg is securely attached.
  6. Congratulations — you’re ready to move!

noho move™ chair disassembly instructions:

Download here

noho move topper

1Start by hooking the topper over the top edge of the chair.

2Next, hook the topper’s front edge over the front edge of the chair.

3Hook the topper’s side tabs over both sides of the chair.

4Slide your hands down the side of the topper, starting at the top, applying a gentle squeeze along the way.

5aWhen you reach the side tabs beneath the seat, stop and squeeze firmly.

5bYou should hear and feel a series of clicks as the clips engage.

6Beneath the front edge slide the small tab into place between the seat and the seat cradle.

7Congratulations — you’re ready to move!