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Designing a healthier way to sit at our tables

Due to the ever-changing work environment—hastened by a global pandemic—it’s not hard to conclude that many of the behaviours captured by research in the office setting are becoming increasingly prevalent in the home.

It's little wonder that sitting is being labelled ‘the new smoking’ and most advice for avoiding the health issues boils down to sitting less and moving more.

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Welcome to noho US!

Whoever said: “starting businesses isn’t for the faint of heart” and, “you’d better get comfy with uncertainty” was right on the money! But even they couldn’t have imagined launching a business in the midst of a global pandemic. When we began the noho journey, we were determined to tackle some of the world's great challenges, starting with transforming comfort & well-being in the home whilst tackling plastic pollution. We couldn't have imagined how challenged the world would become. But through this we’ll grow. We have real hope that the current sense of global unity in the face of adversity, and…

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