noho move™ topper

Personalize your noho move™ chair with premium, interchangeable upholstery options made from sustainably sourced New Zealand wool to suit every room, décor and activity.  
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Vivid colors for your vibrant life


Swappable style

In an instant, you can give your noho move™ chair a fresh new look with our unique assortment of easy-on/easy-off interchangeable upholstery toppers.

Sustainably sourced

Our toppers are made with sustainably sourced New Zealand wool that is naturally durable and luxuriously soft.

Inspired by nature

Every colour in our topper collection is drawn directly from nature, so you can enjoy the vibrant beauty of the outdoors inside your home too.

A new kind of chair. And comfort.

noho move™ is a chair like no other. It combines our deep knowledge of human physiology with ergonomic and engineering expertise to naturally support your body and your life in healthy new ways.

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Product Details
Designed and made in New Zealand

Each topper is constructed to fit securely on the noho move™ chair.

Topper Dimensions:

Topper Width: 18.7"
Topper Thickness: 1.5"
Topper Depth: 16.5"
Topper Weight: 1 lb approx.
Return/Exchange Policy
100-day risk-free trial — noho gives you a 100-day trial period to make sure you’re completely satisfied with your purchase, beginning the day your order is delivered.

Satisfaction guarantee — you’ll receive a full refund if you’re not completely satisfied with your noho purchase for any reason within the first 100 days of delivery.

Hassle-free returns — noho returns are free on purchases up to 2 items when returned within the original packaging. We offer a pre-paid shipping label to make returns easy. It's not a problem to return larger quantities but restocking fees will apply. Please see our Shipping & Returns policy for further information.

1. Place the topper positioning card on the front edge of the chair
2. Thread the velcro straps through the narrow positioning card slots and then through the chair surface
3. Locate the 'Y' shaped locator (on the underside of the topper), place it over the wider slot in the positioning card, then press it into the chair surface
4. Pull the velcro straps tight and connect the ends beneath the front edge of the chair
5. Remove positioning card and take a sit

For video instructions, visit our noho topper assembly page .


Our New Zealand wool toppers are easy to care for and clean.

To remove dust, crumbs and other particles, simply vacuum the fabric using an upholstery attachment. Do not, however, brush the fabric or use a rotary brush vacuum attachment as this can damage the fabric.

For spills and other spot cleaning needs, simply remove and gently blot the affected area with warm water using a soft, clean and absorbent cloth. If absolutely necessary, you can also blot using a mild soap to help remove more stubborn stains.

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What is a topper?
noho toppers are removable, interchangeable upholstery covers made exclusively to fit the noho move™ chair.
What are the toppers made from?
Our current collection of toppers are upholstered with sustainably sourced New Zealand wool fabric.
How do you attach a topper to a noho move™ chair?
Simply attach it over the chair using the flexible side panels. For detailed instructions, visit our noho topper assembly page.
Can I return my order if I'm not satisfied?
Yes we will pay for the cost of returning up to 2 items. For this reason, we recommend initially buying 1 or 2 items to trial. Once you're happy you can order as many as you need. It's not a problem to return larger quantities but restocking fees will apply. Please see our Shipping & Returns for further information.
What does the topper warranty cover?
Our products are designed to last, and we stand by their quality. Our limited warranty applies for one (1) year from the date of purchase (invoice date) for noho toppers. Under the warranty, we will repair or replace any products with defects in material or workmanship except as noted below.

Please note: For the warranty to apply, the product must have been used for its intended purpose and experienced reasonably assessed normal use. Toppers are not covered by warranty if used for unapproved purposes, modified, or if the defect has been caused by excessive wear and tear. Please review our warranty for specific coverage and limitation details.