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New Zealand Design Pavilion—San Francisco

"The light is different down here, and through this initiative, we aim to illuminate our creativity and ingenuity, and most importantly, share it with others." —Scott Bridgens, Co-founder, Resident

It is often said that New Zealanders are the world’s friendliest people. That’s in no small part due to our deep-rooted belief in the value of people, connection and our environment. Over a year of planning and collaboration went into creating a transformative design experience between six furniture, rug, textile, homeware and lighting brands to bring New Zealand’s unique perspective to the US market—and was the most comprehensive showing of New Zealand design in the United States in modern history.

Hosted at Shack15 in San Francisco between June 21st - July 1st, 2022, coalition partners accompanied architects, interior designers and specifiers on a sensory journey through coastal, forest, and alpine environments showcasing stories of our way of life, the importance of the natural world and sustainable design.

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Products beautifully crafted by CittaNodiResidentDavid TrubridgeJames Dunlop Textiles and Noho enrich the storytelling experience by engaging the senses, marrying beauty and function.

“We believe that to move forward in this new world, we must work together. We all have much more in common than we think, and so this New Zealand Design Pavilion represents the power of our collective lens on the world.”—Scott Bridgens, Co-founder, Resident

A series of events included key speaker talks were also on the calendar—Kent Parker and Paul Wilkinson of Formway presented a behind-the-scenes look at the Formway studio, their passion for furniture design and a brief journey through the research and development of the Noho Move Chair.

The following week, Richard Cutfield (CEO of noho), Samantha Rollins (STOK), Tatiana Geftner & John Cook (WakaNINE) had a candid discussion on designing for health & wellness, looking deeply at the current state of play for designers seeking to achieve health & wellness standards including Well Building & Living Building Challenge from a product and manufacturing perspective.

Both trade and the public were invited to attend a private showing of the pavilion or an event in the stunningly relaxed setting overlooking the iconic Golden Gate bridge.

For more information visit: nzdesignpavilion.com

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Photography by Thibault Cartier